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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power


Hydrogen Powertrain

It's the most abundant element in the universe, it weights half that of oxygen and it's loaded with  energy. 

Consider the following:

  • Hydrogen used in a Fuel Cell that we use to power our motors leaves only behind water

  • Hydrogen can be manufactured from water and can be done so with a totally clean process

  • As little as 5kg of Hydrogen can power our some of our cars for 1,000 kms: an equivalent petrol car may need 100kgs and equivalent electric car may need a 2 tonne battery to do the same!  And less weight means less energy is required to perform and this is the key to the way we develop our cars.

With our parent company IGE we will see thousands of gas stations around China and the rest of the world fitted with Hydrogen tanks - and filling will be just as easy, if not much cleaner, than putting petrol in your tank today.

And this is just around the corner!


Lightweight Materials

Next to Aerodynamics weight is the energy of efficiency of any motor vehicle.   With Hydrogen as our energy carrier we have a significant advantage: Hydrogen is lighter than Oxygen, so what carries our on board energy is extremely efficient.
To Maximise this we have an advanced combination of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Body, aluminium and other advanced materials.  We have one of the highest compositions of Carbon Fibre seen in a volume production car.
Our advantage is further than just weight driven efficiency, our use of Carbon Fibre, as seen in Aerospace and in the top echelon of Motor Sports demonstrates extreme strength many times stronger than steel.  Combined with other materials chosen for their ability to absorb and deflect in case of collision, gives us a well above average crash safety allowing you and your passengers a feeling of supreme safety in every Grove vehicle

Clean Manufacturing and Renewable Materials

Not content with making a cleaner more efficient car at Grove, we focus aggressively on lowering our production driven emissions and also the use of precious resources on our planet.  Our production process avoids the heavy welding and painting procedures of traditional cars, massively reducing the environmental impact in the manufacture of our cars.
We are additionally working with new renewable materials for outer body and interior structure parts that offer both strength and longevity, while at the same time offering superior weight characteristics.  More importantly from renewable stock in a clean process, our first cars will introduce this and expand quickly as our major material, further reducing the impact of the car on our planet.
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