Style x Power

Obsidian Sport

Sports Frontier Explorer

from RMB 100,0000

Obsidian gives the world it's first clean long distance exploration vehicle, with over 1,000 from a single tank the Obsidian family SUV is the right car to explore the planet we were born to protect


0.00g co2 

1,200km range

Power without Pollution
Grove FCEV Power

Power without Pollution
Grove FCEV Power

Obsidian features our Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Drive System, combined with our sophisticated Power systems the Obsidian is as powerful as it looks yet smooth at full force and leaves behind it only water.



>2,100 kg

unladen weight 

Renewable Biocomposite

spotlight body material

Lightweight, safe and Responsible
Grove Lightweight Body

Our focus on lightweight construction in all Grove cars is enhanced by the use of lightweight renewable materials.   Alongside our Industry leading application of Carbon Fibre Technologies and aluminium safety zones in the body Structure, we introduce renewable and clean manufactured Body Parts in numerous parts of our car.

Our material exhibits more strength than Steel and aluminium, comparable to Carbon Fibre, but offers better properties where in counts in crash protection and it is manufactured in a manner reducing co2 emissions some 85% compared to other normal body materials

At Grove we value your safety as much as we do our planet, Obsidian like all Grove cars achieves a 5 star CNCAP Rating.

With sophisticated airbag systems surrounding all occupants, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems like Lane Assistance, Emergency Braking Assistance, Adaptive Cruise Control and combined with a body which has been designed with the most advanced materials from Aerospace and Top Level Motor Racing we provide a level of safety at the very peak of technology today



Sporty but comfortable
Long Distance First Class

At Grove we make cars which can travel great distances to help you enjoy your freedom to move.   Obsidian features a unique vision of being awake and asleep.   When bought to life the Obsidian's eyes awaken from their sleep, together with the instruments which also rest while off and come up to life when ready.


Our European designed interior boasts the most luxurious and stylish Italian concepts, featuring high quality Italian leather, renewable form and carpet materials and with switchgear reminiscent of a fine hotel any ride in the Grove Obsidian is a pleasure in style and sensation.


Grove is about making long Journeys not only clear and enjoyable, but also comfortable and refreshing.  The Obsidan sets new standards for Luxury Long Distance Motoring


Gallery, the beauty of Grove Obsidian


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